Fumeipharm regards product quality as the top priority, strictly operating and implementing ISO 9001, HACCP and GMP. Through the advanced production equipments, the test machines, the skills training and qualification to achieve a production qualified rate of 98% according to the quality policy of “Standard Quality, Creative Application”.

Raw material quality control

Fumeipharm establish the External Supplier Control Procedure in raw material management. It standardized the review process of the suppliers and evaluate all suppliers in strict accordance with the requirements of the supplier review. Only approved suppliers can add to the Qualified Suppliers List. The qualified suppliers were evaluate the performance every year and eliminate unqualified suppliers to ensure the quality of the materials.

Establish product traceability system, customer complaint system, and product recall system Fumeipharm establishes the coding and batch management system for raw materials and finished products, which ensure the materials can be traced from raw material, warehouse storage, production process, finished products storage and shipping. The customer complaint processing procedure is established to ensure timely investigation and follow up of each customer's complaint, complete the investigation report, and summarize and analyze it regularly. The product recall control procedure is set up and regular practice is organized.

In- Process Test

The buffer tank is designed for in-process test. Through the rapid test results of GC and HPLC instruments (lasting 2-3 hours), the materials of the buffer tank are piped in the buffer tank to blend according to the test results of buffer tank and finished quality requirements. The quality control in process can ensure the products provided by Fumeipharm comply with the pharmaceutical standard, food and cosmetic standards.

Raw materials and end products testing

The laboratory of Fumeipharm has a series of facilities including GC-MS-MS, LC-MS-MS, ICP-MS, HPLC, GC, and UV etc. They allow us to test the physical and chemical parameters, components analysis, pesticide residue, heavy metals, antibiotics, and microbiology of wax products and health ingredients. Standard sampling, experimental observation, analysis and testing, method validation, and deviation analysis according to the strict operation rules are aimed to ensure the accuracy and traceability of the test results.

In addition, our testing center is responsible for helping customers to perform sample analysis, third party test agencies (such as INTERTEK, EUROFIN) results comparison, and product quality statistics and analysis, etc.

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